Sunday, 1 July 2012

I want to write about Zombies

Zombies. Zombies are the most over used enemy other than real humans. As a child I would just read the titles of Zombie movies and be fascinated by the concept of being trapped in my house with the re-animated corpse of my mother locked inside her bedroom while I decide what to do with her. That said I was Terrified of Zombies as a younger guy (I'm 19 now) I refused to watch "Shaun of the Dead" when I was 13, by the age of 16 I decided to man the fuck up and stayed up one night to watch the Classic "Dawn of the Dead" (Original) needless to say I loved it. In my view any decent Zombie film isn't about the Zombies but the people surviving (with the odd bit of gore for good measure) and the Romero trilogy captured that perfectly. Recently I've been reading and watching a lot of zombie stuff which is pretty much a genre of its own. World War Z by Max Brooks is currently fuelling my imagination, The Walking Dead (Both show and comic) are both thrilling (despite the differences in plot)

I'll quit beating round the bush and just say it; I want to do some Zombiefic. a blog seems like the perfect medium for a Zombie story. I'm unsure what form it will go, most likely i'll do some sort of dairy of surviving. I'll start it once I get a good starting point.   

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