Friday, 14 October 2011

And now for something completely different.

As you may not know I'm doing a creative writing course at uni, this being the case I'm having to practice a lot of different types of writing aside the crap reviews and articles, so here goes a little bit of flash fiction.

I'm playing with my toy soldiers when dad comes home from the pub. He gives my men an artillery strike with his boot, then slaps me with the back of his hand. Mum does nothing.

I'm lying in the long grass with Marie. I know what we've just done is a sin but I feel too good to care right now. Marie starts to cry, I hold her close and tell her I love her. Were married in three months and I'm conscripted in one month later.

I'm being discharged this morning. My Dr claims I'm in good physical health but and mentally a little weak. will be good to see Marie now, she's been pregnant for 6 months now.

I'm walking away from the car accident, so does Marie, My little girls don't though.

I'm sat in the porch watching Marie is moving to her sisters in Bournemouth. We signed the two nights ago, may go to the pub tonight.

I'm fly fishing near the reservoir for the last time. I pull out my old service revolver and that's that.

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