Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to what I believe my become my internet thought bin, for my blog I will be writing and reviewing Films, video games, CDs, books and just be generally putting my thoughts into public domain. Very rarely will I be totally serious as i will try and inject my own brand of comedy into the proceedings. I do hope you find my blogs over the coming weeks, months and maybe years as entertaining and maybe even informative.

When I am reviewing games they will most likely be indie or less demanding on hardware due to my low powered laptop so don't expect me to review Battlefield 3 or anything visual pleasing, i will on occasion i will review older games that may have been forgotten by most but that I feel are worth a look.

In terms of films I'll review some new releases and maybe some older films i've caught on TV or recently bought that I think are worth a look or just avoiding, same deal with music and books, these reviews will be a little sparse compared to my film or game reviews as those are two of my passions.

Any way I'll most likely be updating this blog every Sunday or so. In the mean Time have a nice week and hope you keep reading.

Any comments are more than welcome, I will ask that if you plan to criticise please be constructive and not just abusive for the sake of it.

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